Project update

The Feasibility Study for the Multi-Purpose Trail between Lower Plenty to Viewbank found that the construction of a 3 metre wide, 1.1 kilometre granitic sand trail (including bridge crossing of the Plenty River) within the investigation area is feasible (see investigation area for feasibility study map).

The study also showed that there were accessibility challenges to the trail, especially for horse riders, and that the likely users of the trail would be pedestrians and cyclists. The trail is not considered to be a high priority as it is not of regional importance and access to the proposed trail is limited.

The project will be added to Council’s Shared Trail Program and the project will be considered for future funding. Council has outlined its priority list for trails in the Northern Regional Trails Strategy (2016).

Connecting the community

Connecting the community through recreation trails and paths is important to us, so you can continue to do what you love!

The Banyule's Open Space Plan 2016-2031 recommends that we look at ways to connect the rural areas of Lower Plenty to the community horse riding facilities in Viewbank.

To provide this connection we are exploring the feasibility of a multi-use trail between Lower Plenty and Viewbank. The trail will be approximately 1 kilometre in length and will connect Bonds Road to Martins Lane via a bridge crossing the Plenty River.

In addition to pedestrians and cyclists, the trail will provide a safe and practical connection for horse riding between the agistment areas of Lower Plenty and the formal horse riding facilities of the North Eastern Horse and Pony Club and Riding for the Disabled in Viewbank.

Additionally, we will explore how this proposed trail links to existing pedestrian, cycling and horse riding trails locally and within Shire of Nillumbik, to connect you further.

Have your say

Between February and March we conducted a study and held meetings with key stakeholders to determine if a multi-use trail would be a feasible addition to the area.

Thank you for your comments on the proposed multi-use trail. Feedback is now closed. All feedback will be used to ensure the outcomes are in line with community expectations.

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The trail is proposed between the Rosehill Road and Bonds Road corner and the Plenty River Trail/North Eastern Horse and Pony Club. Do you support this location?
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